USAID Energy Development Project (Government of Pakistan) 1988-1992 ​

USAID Energy Development Project (Government of Pakistan) 1988-1992 ​

Team Effinity acted as the Senior Power Adviser: Power sector restructuring and infrastructure problem solving for the entire power system from generation, distribution, transmission and all the way to the end consumer. Provision of technical assistance and advice to the Ministry of Water & Power on power sector programs and implementation of projects to reform the electricity sector, restructuring of utility, commercialization and privatization of the power generation and distribution companies, introduction and policy development for new power generation projects in the private sector. The responsibilities were as follows:

 –   Develop and plan utilizing the least cost generation plan

–    Analysis of alternative fuels for power generation stations in Pakistan. 

–    Representing the Ministry on all aspects of institutional reform sessions

–    Preparation of official reports, strategies, programs, and organization plans for improvement in present WAPDA structures

–    Liaison with other bilateral and multilateral donors, visiting countries reps, technical groups, and Government.

–    Assisted in the technical and financial evaluation of private power projects.

–    Developed an engineering model for planning the requirements of skill types as it relates to development of energy sector.

–     Defined and developed the national energy database.

–     Managed a team of consultants for the evaluation of hindrances in the tax regulations for the importation of energy conservation equipment. Develop implementable policies for Government approvals.

–      Conducted and analyzed the Rural Electrification economic and technical criteria data for village selection in two provinces of Pakistan to help USAID and Government of Pakistan in the allocation of 53 million USD.

–       Developed strategies to convince various Government committees for solving energy problems.

–        Evaluation of The Integrated Operation and Tariff Study for The State Electric Utility (WAPDA).

–       Developed and implemented the Power Factor Improvement program in Pakistan under ADB financing.

–       Lead an international team of specialist for detail evaluation and implementation for Upgradation of the Undergraduate Energy Related Engineering Education in Pakistan.

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